Why Exhibit ?

Showcase Your Products, Services or Solutions To The Wine Industry By Becoming An Exhibitor.

Unparalleled opportunity to engage with your target audience, making them one of the most direct forms of marketing there is.

Outstanding Sales Opportunities Addressing Entire Wine Supply Chain

Generate pre-qualified leads
Identify Attendee's Problem and Offer Solutions
Make direct sales
Build or develop your prospect database
Increase sales and explore new markets
Reach key decision-makers
Launch new products and services

FWE Exhibitors will tackle below interests.

• Scalability – in terms of equipment + ideas
• Efficiency – in terms of processes + resource utilization
• Market Trends – the latest buzz and what’s new in the market
• Tech developments
• Insights
• Cost-effective solutions

FWE Exhibitors will solve the below challenges.

• Direct-to-consumer sales
• Inventory Management
• Distribution Logistics
• Branding and Digital Marketing
• Vineyard development and maintenance
• Competitive Analysis
• Benchmarking and Data analytics

If your company is able to solve a problem in any tier of the wine industry, you can apply to become an exhibitor.

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