Who Attends?

Wineries, Vineyards, Wine Importers, Wine Distributors, Wine Retailers, Wine Brand Owners, and Growers.

Why Attend Future Wine Expo ?

Walk away with instant solutions that you can apply to your business.

One day action-packed event in San Francisco designed to help you move forward, help you save money and to help you unlock new channels of growth. If you are worried about the changing landscapes of the distribution system, money being wasted in operations, storage costs, advertising costs or not fully able to adapt to the D2C and other Omni channels to grow your sales and distribution, you must attend FWE.

FWE will have 100 best in class companies across all 3 tiers of the wine industry. All exhibiting companies will be showing you a clear problem they are there to solve and how you can use them. The most important take away in this new format show, will be discovering how to analyze your business and creating some new benchmarks.

The main questions FWE will address are:

1. Is your wine business positioned for this decade?

2. Are you in for the long game?

3. Are your sales stuck?

4. Are you worried about changing landscapes of the distribution system?

5. Are you wasting too much money on operations, storage costs, shipping costs, advertising costs?

6. Are you worried about grape quality, weather conditions, vineyard management, people management?

7. Are you doing your DTC sales and Omni Channels sales effectively?

Why Should You Care About Future Wine Expo?

• Set up 1-on-1 meetings with the right trade exhibitors
• Strengthen and solidify your strategies with expert insights into the current and upcoming wine trade trends.
• Your care about the future helps us care for you.
• A knowledge-filled experience for you to take back home.
• Get the tools to create a better tomorrow.
• Adapt to the industry changes by learning more about them, directly from the experts.
• Interact personally with the speakers at the cocktail after-party.

Apart from meeting 100 vendors, you will be able to attend the keynote sessions and look at the future from 16 industry leaders’ perspectives. You will be able to interact, engage, and discourse with like-minded professionals. Collaborate with proactive industry leaders for your future projects. Solve the problems of tomorrow by understanding them today. 

Leaders look ahead, that’s why they lead. Become an industry leader by gaining expert insights into the developments occurring in the wine trade. When you look back to reminisce 10 years later, don’t forget the Future Wine Expo cocktail party where you met your potential partners and collaborators

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