Seppeltsfield Barossa Initiates Australia’s First “Tap and Go” Tech To Protect Your Wine

Photo for: Seppeltsfield Barossa Initiates Australia’s First “Tap and Go” Tech To Protect Your Wine

“This Tamper Proof Anti-Counterfeit Technology Helps In Preserving The Authenticity Of The Wine”


Seppeltsfield, a winery in Barossa has launched Australian First Tap-and-Go technology where they embed their bottled wines with a unique code & microchip to protect them from counterfeiting.

Seppeltsfield, which has been around since 1851, is a South Australian vineyard. It is best known for its vintage fortified wines, but it's now leading the way to protect their rich whites and reds on the market.

Seppeltsfield collaborated with an anti-counterfeit tech company & ASX-listed YPB Limited to innovate a tech-savvy solution that allows you to instantly know whether your wine has been tampered with or not. 

Warren Randall, executive chairman of Seppeltsfield believes that preserving wine authenticity and protection is the topmost priority for them. 

“Our Barossa red and white wines have only been in existence for a few years, but this has provided as an opportunity to get in early before we potentially encounter challenges in counterfeiting and really send a signal that our heritage is worth protecting," he says.

How does the technology work?

The main operator of the system is the NFC Vintail. It is an adhesive label that is infused with a tiny microchip and circuitry. It uses the “rolling code” technology. The chip has a unique ID number for each bottle.

There is a rise in counterfeit luxury goods and this technology can provide added confidence and trust for the local as well as international customers.

How to use it?

When you tap into a compatible iPhone or Android handset to the Vintail- it securely transfers its unique ID to the phone. It is then checked against an online register. 

The system uses the same wireless Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which is used in “tap and go” bank cards and contactless mobile phone payments.

There is no additional software needed to validate your wine - if you own an iPhone XS, XR or XS Max, or recent Android phones with NFC. If not though, a free NFC reader app can be downloaded to your phone to connect to Vintail.

Seppeltsfield’s 2017 ‘The Westing’ and ‘The Northing’ Barossa Shiraz are the very first varietals to include the NFC Vintail protection. You can purchase it from Seppeltsfield Cellar Door or from Qantas Wine for $55 RRP.

You can expect to see other Seppeltsfield wines embracing the anti-counterfeit technology in the near future.

Image credit : SeppeItsField

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