10 Harvesting Equipment Companies You Need To Know

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Harvest season is a tough one. Here are 10 harvesting equipment companies you need to know.


“For best results, you must wait patiently for the perfect moment, before harvesting the fruits of your labor” - Garth Caterall Heart.

Harvest can be the most exciting, yet stressful time of the year for producers, wine makers, winery owners, and almost everyone in the industry. However, with technology seeping into the wine industry, companies are coming up with equipment to make harvest easier for vineyards.

Here’s a rundown of 10 harvesting equipment companies you need to know.

1. Lakeview Vineyard Equipment

Following their motto “Leave No Grape Behind”, Lakeview Vineyard Equipment finds itself on our 10 harvesting equipment companies you need to know list. Along with new harvesting equipment, they also offer used harvesting equipment to fit your budget, and they also offer a plethora of services including labour, after hours labour, and pickup/delivery services.

Website - lakeviewvineyardequipment

2. Oxbo International Corp.

The Oxbo Vineyard family offers a range of grape harvesters, with a model available for every vineyard. Oxbo grape harvesters-- proudly built in the USA-- are designed and manufactured in a state of the art production facility in Lynden, Washington, where machines are built to customer specifications

Website - oxbocorp

3. Pellenc America

Finding its spot on our list of 10 harvesting equipment companies you need to know is Pellenc America. Pellenc provides growers and wineries across North America with harvesters and multi functional tractors. They also offer solutions for crushpad equipment, integration, and battery powered tools.

Website - pellencus

4. Containerpal

Containerpal joins the sustainability gang and is a division of Reusable Transport Packaging and harvester bins. They are into both rental and sales of containers and bins that would be ideal for all sorts of wineries. Along with harvest bins, they also have a line of products which include liquid bulk containers, grape lugs, and plastic pallets.

Website - containerpal

5. Green-Rubber Kennedy Ag

Green-Rubber Kennedy Ag takes a spot on our 10 harvesting equipment companies you need to know list by providing a full line of fabricators, parts, and equipment for harvesting and other processes for the wine and food industry in California.

Website - greenrubber

6. American Grape Harvesters

AGH are the leading manufacturers of grape harvesters and other equipment in the Western Hemisphere. AGH is dedicated to providing today's grape growers and custom grape harvesters with top quality and productive equipment they need to compete in our demanding industry.

Website - aghinc

7. Blueline Manufacturing And Equipment

Blueline specializes in designing and building equipment for the wine industry. Their speciality is in building custom and speciality items that are unique to a vineyard’s operation but are not currently in production. They offer a large selection of new, and used grape harvesters to select from.

Website - bluelinemfg

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8. Clemens Vineyard Equipment

Like the name suggests, Clemens Vineyard Equipment specializes in providing vineyard equipment, including top quality harvesters to vineyard across the United States. Their high quality harvesters are what grabs them a spot on our 10 harvesting equipment companies you need to know.

Website - clemens

9. Lazer Star Lights

Lazer Star Lights provides harvesting equipment to turn day harvesting into night harvesting. Their Night Harvest Tower attaches to your Category 2, 3-point hitch. It is designed to use the stock wire harness and run off the stock alternator on tractors.

Website - nightharvesting

10. Garton Tractor Inc.

Garton Tractor is a family owned and operated full-service wine equipment dealership. They have been serving California for 65 years, making them one of the 10 harvesting equipment companies you need to know.

Website - gartontractor


Wine and technology are coming together to make the wine industry a much more efficient spectrum.

Keith Spreckles, Owner and Co-founder of Aquam Vinos and one of Future Wine Expo’s Innovators said - “ I think all businesses will have to indulge into technology to make it easier for both them and their consumers. If businesses don’t include advanced technology such as Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in the next 5-10 years, then they’ll surely be left out”

The growth of tech-based products that improve your wine experience has taken a giant leap and is only growing day by day.

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