2022 Future Wine Expo - Moving The Wine Industry Ahead

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Looking forward to the wine-tech action at the 2020 Future Wine Expo in Santa Rosa.


The first edition of Future Wine Expo (FWE), organized by Beverage Trade Network is set to take place on 12-13 May, 2020 in Santa Rosa.

Technology is making a mark in all industry spheres, and the wine industry is no exception. With technology accelerating the wine industry, it’s time to explore all the ways in which technology is transforming and re-imagining nearly every aspect of the wine industry. At the 2020 Future Wine Expo, wine industry professionals will have the chance to delve into the world of wine and technology.

Future Wine Expo is designed for wine industry professionals, including producers, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. If you are a wine brand owner, if your company is involved in importing or distributing wine, or if you are a part of the wine industry in any way then the Future Wine Expo is the place for you to be in May 2020.

What to expect at the Future Wine Expo?

Over a two-day period (May 12-13, 2020), event participants will have a chance to hear from some of the leading names in the wine industry and see first-hand examples of how to apply technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and augmented reality to the different aspect of the wine experience. Whether it is robotic drones disrupting the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) experience, or new AR-enabled wine labels creating entirely new wine brand experiences, the Future Wine Expo will give a glimpse into what the future of wine will look like.

The two-day event will feature practical, real-world examples of how cutting-edge technologies can lead to greater revenue and improved profitability. In addition, sessions and workshops throughout the event will provide plenty of opportunities to ask specific questions about how technology adoption can lead to competitive advantages.

Along with a tradeshow floor, where exhibitors will have a chance to showcase their technology and solutions for the wine industry, there will also be a conference.

The Future Wine Expo conference will witness a high-profile lineup of speakers who will address issues, solutions, and ideas based on the following topics :

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Robotics and automation
  • Voice technology
  • Future distribution systems
  • Marketing technology (“Martech”)
  • Social media and online advertising
  • DTC software innovations
  • Augmented reality

Conference Day 1 (May 12)

The conference will take off on May 12 by Robert Joseph, Wine Industry Consultant & Commentator giving a 20 minute update on the Global Wine Market, and the opportunities it carries. Jon Chang, Head of Consumer growth at Klarna will then take the stage and share insights on How Wineries and Wine Brands can adapt to new tech and do marketing.

Other speakers to take the stage on the first day are :

  • Nick Martin, CEO at Wine Owners who will talk about driving growth and innovation in fine wine.
  • Bhakti Patel, XR Team at Facebook who will share on extended reality strategies and why they’re beneficial.
  • Rob McMillan, EVP & Founder, Silicon Valley Bank Wine Division, will delve into the current state of the wine industry and how to move forward.
  • Geoffery McFarlane, Co-founder & CEO at Winc Wines who will go into the details of building and growing of a wine club using today’s technology.

There will also be a panel discussion on the first day which will be moderated by Lewis Perdue, Founder, CEO, Algorithm Inventor at Revolution Algorithms. The panelists include:

  • Paul Mabray
  • Rob McMillan
  • Maureen Downey
  • Larry Cormier

Conference Day 2 (May 13)

The second day of the conference will take off with a 20 minute session by Ashwin Ram, Technical Director of AI at Google, who will talk about if bots could make your life better, and how. Yu (Robert) Dong, AI PM Lead & AI Evangelist at Facebook will follow and speak about machine learning and AI strategies for every business that you must do today.

Stephanie Peachey, Vice President at Fetzer Vineyards will also take the stage and speak about DTC new customer conversion strategy and customer retention management.

The panel on the 2nd day will have industry professionals as panellists, including :

  • Nathan Mansperger
  • Cheryl Durzy
  • Aaron Sherman
  • Scott Braun
  • Lara Crystal

Why Attend the 2020 Future Wine Expo?

Attending the 2020 Future Wine Expo will give you access to meet and network with vendors who will showcase technology that will help you unlock new opportunities of growth for the coming future.

Visit the Future Wine Expo to see the enormous value FWE vendors will provide to companies like yours. They are deeply knowledgeable with industry expertise you will not find elsewhere. Make it a part of your Imagine experience.

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Why Exhibit at the 2020 Future Wine Expo?

Showcase your products, services or solutions to the wine industry by becoming an exhibitor. Participants will be able to meet and network with buyers, importers, distributors, and other industry professionals who might be interested in their product and are looking to grow the wine industry with technology.

Participants will also have access to all speaker sessions at the 2020 Future Wine Expo Conference which will help them with ideas, solutions, and give them insights on the wine and tech industry.

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